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TV and Radio Transcription ServicesTranscribing your TV and radio shows has never been simpler. Nor has it ever been more important to SEO, to user experience and to accessibility. Whether your shows are hosted on your own site or on platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo, we can provide you with accurate, professional transcripts that ensure complete accessibility for your audience and allow you to improve your search engine visibility.

Why do you need your TV or radio show transcribed?

There are several really important reasons for transcribing your show. Our TV and radio transcription services can help you with:

  • SEO – Currently, search engines can’t ‘watch’ or ‘listen’ to your audio-visual content. But they can ‘read’ words. Putting a transcript on your page allows search engines to understand what your TV and radio shows are about and rank your site accordingly.
  • Accessibility – Allows access to the hard of hearing or visually impaired.
  • Convenience – For readers who might be unable or don’t want to access video or audio content (e.g. if they’re sitting in a coffee shop and have forgotten their headphones).
  • Searchability – Readers can navigate and find key information more easily.
  • Learning styles – Some people prefer to read words, others to watch video. It’s a matter of preference and choice.
  • Staying power – ‘Reading along’ with the video or radio show can help your audience to stick with your content for longer.
  • Improved authority – Rightly or wrongly, some people take the written word more seriously than a video or radio show.
David Bain, Host,

One of our satisfied clients had this to say about our TV and Radio Transcription service:

“Here at we have been using Callisto Connect’s transcription services every week for several months now. Vicki and her team have now delivered approximately 20 hours’ worth of audio transcription for our This Week In Organic show so far, so I feel that I am certainly qualified to provide some accurate feedback about the service. I can honestly say that this is the best transcription service that I have ever used when you combine speed of service, accuracy and adaptability. Many thanks and I look forward to a continued successful relationship in the future!”

(David Bain, Host,

Our TV and radio transcription service

We have a wealth of experience of transcribing TV and radio shows, as well as online webinars and podcasts. This means that working with interviews, question and answer sessions, presenter-led formats and documentary-style shows all come as second nature to us.

Our transcriptionists are all native English speakers and we take pride in delivering transcripts that are accurate, consistent, perfectly formatted and tailored to your audience.

Although we can type verbatim if required, our TV and radio clients sometimes prefer us to ‘tidy up’ their speech as we go along, correcting any grammatical slips, repetitions or hesitations, and ensuring that transcripts are eloquent and articulate. Unlike some companies, we don’t charge anything extra for this service.

Which file formats do we accept?

We work with audio or video files in almost any format (including MP3, MP4, WAV, WMA, ASF, AVI, MOV, MPEG, MKV, FLV, WMV, YouTube or Vimeo links) and can transcribe into UK, US or Australian English as appropriate. All files are transcribed manually at speeds of 80wpm or higher and we don’t use any voice-to-text software.

How much do our services cost?

Our prices start from only 80p per audio minute and bulk discounts are available for long-term projects and series. Visit our Price Calculator now to get a free, no-obligation estimate for your project.

What’s our turnaround time?

Typically, we can get each hour of audio/video back to you within 48 hours of receiving it, and sometimes sooner.

If you are a customer with a regular show, we can book in your work in advance and work with your schedule so that your transcripts are always ready by a particular time on a particular day of the week/month.

For more FAQs and other information about our transcription services, go to the bottom of our MainTranscription Page.

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