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Ebooks for Business

Ebooks for BusinessOver the past couple of years, communication has undergone an incredible period of change. Advances in social media, mobile marketing, viral video campaigns, online TV, webinar and podcast learning, together with rising sales of e-readers, tablets and iPads in particular have prompted a revolution in the way that information is delivered, purchased and consumed.

Advances in technology means that consumers today expect to be able to quickly and easily access information that is engaging, interactive and informative. Their expectations have risen and companies are rushing to keep up.

These changes have also affected the way in which people want and expect to be able to work. ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) to work is a phenomena that is creeping slowly but surely into the way many companies operate and brings with it increased flexibility, greater employee satisfaction, company cost savings and increases in productivity. Originally seen as little more than a gimmick and something of a security issue, the concept is now taking a new turn and ‘BYOD 2.0’ promises real gains for both staff and the companies they work for.

What is an interactive ebook?

Put simply, an interactive ebook is an electronic file, usually created for iPad use. Despite its name, it can be a book, a brochure, a report, a magazine or a document of any type. As well as being fully functional and interactive in a range of ways, it can be formatted and styled in a way that makes it clean, beautiful and completely engaging for today’s clients, consumers and staff.

What can an interactive ebook contain?

One of the wonderful things about an interactive ebook is that it can pull together so many different media into one integrated experience. So almost anything that can be done on a web page can be done within an interactive ebook too. Some of the most common elements include:

  • Text
  • Live hyperlinks
  • Embedded web pages
  • Audio (voiceovers, music, sound effects)
  • Video (either embedded or linked to
    YouTube or Vimeo)
  • Illustrations
  • Photography
  • Picture galleries
  • Charts, graphs, infographics
  • Animation
  • Embedded slide shows
  • Action buttons
  • 3D modelling
  • Pop-up areas
  • Scrolling sections
  • Zoomable screens and images
  • Life-like page turns
  • Interactive quizzes
  • Interactive contents and indexes
  • Interactive glossaries containing text,
    images, audio or video
  • Customised HTML widgets


What can interactive ebooks be used for?

Given the range of elements that can be included, the possibilities for business ebooks are understandably vast and limited only by the imagination. A few ideas include:

  • A staff training manual that includes audio or video commentary and a built-in assessment quiz at the end.
  • An interactive document for an annual presentation to stakeholders, incorporating live statistics linked to a website.
  • A staff handover ebook including walkthrough videos of common tasks and a checklist of things to remember.
  • An in-house digital magazine containing compelling articles, video interviews and glossy illustration.
  • A corporate e-brochure for new clients, incorporating beautiful full-out photography, scrolling information panels and an introductory video from the CEO.
  • An ebook product catalogue with image galleries, pop-up and zoomable areas to highlight specific features and the ability to purchase directly.


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