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Ebook Services

Man reading iPadWe don’t believe that ebooks are inferior to printed books, but we do understand that they are different. So we take great care in ensuring that as well as looking great, our ebooks also function perfectly.

But what makes us different to our competitors? Well firstly, we don’t rely on automated conversion software. All our ebooks are hand-created to make sure that common formatting and conversion errors are avoided, so you won’t find strange page breaks, problems with alignment or illegible characters in our ebooks and our contents pages and hyperlinks always work. Secondly, we accept a wide range of initial file formats and don’t need you to pre-format the document in any way.

Common starting points include:

  • MS Word
  • Apple Pages
  • Plain text
  • InDesign
  • PDF
  • Paper (Yes, we accept paper-based manuscripts too!)

We also offer a variety of digital outputs. So whether you have a children’s picture book, a motorbike maintenance manual or a full-length novel, we can create an ebook that is right for you and your audience. Our basic prices include the creation of both .mobi and ePub formats, but we can also create PDF and iBooks Author books or build fixed-layout, interactive and read-aloud ebooks for content that is particularly image-rich or requires audio, video or animated content. Our outputs can be read on all major e-readers, including:

Kindle imageKobo imagenook imagesony reader imageapple logo

Here’s another thing that makes us different: Because we want your ebook to be the best it can be, we also reserve the right to use a bit of initiative. So if we think that your bulleted section would in fact work better as a numbered list, or if we think the book would benefit from a few well-placed images or illustrations, we’ll mention it. We’ll also tell you if we spot a spelling or grammatical mistake as we’re formatting your text. In a nice way, obviously, but we think it’s something you’d rather hear from us before you actually publish the book.

And finally, we pride ourselves in providing fantastic service, putting the needs of our clients first and foremost. We know that makes a difference.



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