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Book Services

We are passionate about creating wonderful books and have close connections with our sister company, Callisto Green, a traditional, independent publisher. But we also recognise that times are changing and that not everybody wants or needs a traditional publishing deal. Because of this, at Callisto Connect we also offer standalone, paid-for book services for those who are self-publishing or for businesses who want to produce their own publications.


Whether you’re still at the initial idea stage or ready to start page layout or ebook formatting, we can provide the services you need. These might include:

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Other Services

At Callisto Green, we also provide general writing, editorial, transcription and design services for individuals. Have a browse around our site to find out what we can offer or contact us on 07765 846577 or to see if we can help with your project. If you’re looking for traditional, independent publishing, you can find more information from our sister company, Callisto Green.